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<aside> 💡 A very special THANK YOU to our US Bank partners who developed and led the session's programming and joined us for each event to network, learn, and offer valuable guidance. We couldn't have made this series a reality without you all!


🧭 Objective

Our goal with this 3-part series was to deliver a topic-focused presentation and workshop sessions on financial subjects tailored to the needs expressed by women founders, leaders, and workforce graduates in our LACI community. We hope that if you attended one or all of these sessions that you found the presentations and discussion engaging, resources helpful, and connections valuable to you and your career!

Session Content

Missed a Session? Review resources and recordings:

Session #1: Accessing Capital & Debt vs Investment

Session #2: Managing Your Financials & Tax Planning

Session #3: Keeping Your Assets & Building Multi-Generational Wealth